When your thermos stops working, here’s how to fix it

AUSTIN (AP) A Texas woman has been stuck with a $1,200-plus repair bill for a faulty thermos that started working only after her husband put it on.

Kristen Goss has been paying the bill since May 2016.

Her husband bought her a new thermos and left it on her floor, but the new model started to malfunction after two days.

Kristens lawyer says the couple did not have insurance.

When the new one arrived she discovered it didn’t have the correct pressure adjustment and she needed a new one.

She got one from a local store and it worked fine.

Kristensen says the company told her it was an accidental malfunction and that it would fix itself for $150.

The next month she started to see it malfunction more often, and she became more suspicious.

A few months later, she went to a local health department and was told that the problem was a lack of pressure, not a malfunction.

The company told Kristens that if she tried to change the thermos again, the old one would keep malfunctioning.

Kristened decided to call a local home improvement company to see what was going on.

The employee told her the company had just sent her a letter saying they were not able to get the thermo to work and that the replacement would cost $100.

Kristents attorney said the letter said the company was unable to send a replacement, but Kristens said she was told it was the new thermo.

The new model is $250 and the company sent it to her at the store to get repaired.

She says she contacted the Texas Health and Human Services office to find out how much it would cost and was assured she would be reimbursed.

She sent the bill to the company but got no answer.

“I just felt betrayed,” Kristens attorney said.

The lawsuit was filed in February, and it was settled with the company for $1.75 million.

Krists attorney said it wasn’t uncommon for a new, defective product to cost up to $1 million.

The home improvement store had been using the older model for years, and the new product was not being sold, said David Smith, who represents the company.

He said the cost was part of the incentive to keep the older thermos on the shelves.

The case is pending in the Travis County District Court.

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