Thermos’ new, larger cup and cup holder: The ‘bigger and better’ thing

The Thermos brand has announced the first of a number of new products, including a bigger, more powerful and more comfortable cup.

Thermos says the new Thermos Cup is available in six different sizes and will cost $79.99, which is an all-time low for the brand, which has already slashed prices on some of its previous models.

It’s the first time a Thermos product will be $79 or more, though the company said that some of the new cups will be available for $29.99.

Thermoses latest offerings include a new version of the Thermos Tango with a taller base and a new ceramic handle.

The company has also introduced two new Thermoses line of Thermos cup holders: a smaller, non-carbon-based one, and a more expensive, metal-plated one.

The Thermos cup holder is $14.99 at Thermos, while the larger ceramic one is $39.99 in the US.

Both the smaller ceramic one and the larger one come with the standard Thermos design of an 8mm x 6mm design, but the company says its ceramic version comes in a new size and shape to suit different needs.

“The ceramic version has a higher degree of carbonation resistance, and is slightly less rigid, so it’s ideal for a variety of beverages,” says company spokesman Brian Dominguez.

“The ceramic versions are also easier to handle, so you don’t have to worry about tipping the cups over and the handle coming off while you’re brewing.

The ceramic version is available for use with either Thermos or the Thermofarm brand of stainless steel kettle steers.”

It’s a big change for the company, which previously used the ceramic version for a cup that used a plastic base.

“Our ceramic cup is an incredible upgrade from the plastic ones,” Domingquez says.

“We’re excited to bring our ceramic cups to a new generation of fans.”

Thermos has also created a new thermometer that will allow users to measure the temperature of their brews directly from their cups.

The thermometer will be the first one to feature a temperature sensor, which will allow you to easily adjust the brewing temperatures of your brews.

Therms new ceramic cup holderThe company says the ceramic cup will be a “perfect addition to our lineup,” adding that the new ceramic cups will include “a temperature sensor to accurately gauge the brew temperature,” which will be “perfect for a range of brews from coffee to iced tea.”

The ceramic cup also has an adjustable weight to help you gauge the strength of your beer.

It weighs about 15 grams (1.2 ounces), which Thermos says is “about half the weight of a standard Thermometer, and that’s enough to keep it at a standard temperature for at least 24 hours.”

Dominguez says that the ceramic cups are now available to the public, so if you’re a fan of coffee, you can order one.

If you’re not a fan, though, the company suggests that you don “just be patient with the ceramic.”

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