Aussie TV host says she’ll ‘never forget’ her love of Avanti’s cup of tea

TV host Aussie television personality and social media sensation Avanti is getting ready to take on the world of health care with her brand-new Avanti Thermos Cup of Tea.

The cup, made in Australia by the Australian Thermopharmacy and Research Group (ATRG), has become an instant hit in Australia and New Zealand and is now sold in Australia.

‘The cup is a fantastic product,’ Aussie health and wellness expert Dr John Taylor told The Sunday Age.

‘It’s got all the essential nutrients that you need, plus caffeine, antioxidants and all the other good stuff that we need to get into a good state of mind.

‘So it’s been fantastic.’

Avanti was the first Australian to introduce a Thermos-based cup of coffee to the market, which has been sold in the US and the UK for nearly a decade.

In Australia, the Thermos was first introduced in 2010 by Australian-based brand ThermoFusion.

‘We’re very proud of our Thermos cup of Tea,’ Avanti said.

‘But we really wanted to do something for the Australian public, and that was to bring the cup into a wider market and reach a wider audience.

‘And we did that with Avanti, because it’s so popular in Australia.’

The Thermos is a portable cup of warm, iced coffee with a removable lid that can be used for tea, coffee or water.

It can be made with natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, coffee grounds, cocoa powder and coffee extracts.

‘As a consumer, you want to have a product that’s been tested and is safe,’ Avantas spokesperson Emily Tuck said.

The cup was launched in the United States and the United Kingdom last year.

‘If you go to a local coffee shop, they’ll usually have one, and they’ll buy it straight away,’ Taylor said.

Avantans Thermos Cups of Tea have been sold at cafes across the US, and in Canada, Australia and Canada, the company has launched a series of teas that have been released in the UK.

Avanti has also introduced its own line of tea-infused beverages, such as Avanti Tea Pops and Avanti Teas.

‘I don’t think there’s anything quite like the Thermo Cup of Coffee,’ Taylor added.

‘You have a cup with a lid that has caffeine and antioxidants, and it’s all the right stuff.

‘To make it the best cup you can make, you’re going to have to invest in quality, and Avanta has made the best cups available.’

Avantashay, which also sells teas and coffees in the USA, has launched its own Thermo cup of Coffee.

‘This is the most versatile and affordable tea product in the world,’ Taylor told Business Insider.

‘For a lot of people, it’s a necessity, and you need to make sure you have the right kind of coffee in your cup.’

‘The Thermo Thermo is an excellent tea and coffee product, it comes with the best of both worlds, but with a more portable cup,’ Taylor continued.

‘Avanti has a great range of tea and coffeemaker products, and this is one of the best options available.’

The Thermochill Thermo, which was launched on the same day as the Avanti Cup of tea, has since become a global hit.

‘When we launched our first product, the Avantay Thermo in 2013, we didn’t know how popular it would be,’ Avanashay spokesperson Tuck told Business Week.

‘People were very excited.

And that’s why we’ve been constantly making the most popular and best products, which are sold through more than 1,200 retail stores in more than 30 countries.’

AvANTAS Thermo Cups of Coffee, available now in the U.S. and Canada.

‘They’ve sold millions of cups, and we’ve also sold more than 15 million Avanti cups globally, so it’s huge,’ Tuck added.

AvANTA Thermo teas, Avanti tea pops and tea extracts are sold in Avanti stores worldwide, and through Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and other retailers.

Avanthay Thermothill, Avantair Thermofall, Avanatas Thermo and Avantaarete are trademarks of Avantai Thermotech Inc.

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